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Do you run a run a small, medium or large fleet of Vehicles?

The Kwickaz Group may be that missing link in your transport business you have been looking for. Regardless of your needs in finding freight for your vehicles, from a couple of hours through to a day, week or year, we have the expertise in keeping your equipment moving.

Once you engage us as your agent, we go to work sourcing freight, both locally and nationally and as much or as little as you require, and because you are not employed by Kwickaz, you make the decisions.

We deal with a wide variety of transport companies, ranging from companies with 1 vehicle, up to companies with 100 vehicles. We sit down with each business owner before we are engaged as their agent, and give them a fair and honest appraisal of what we can do for them, from both a freight capacity as well as what will be achievable in regards to remuneration. We also offer those extra services many others refuse to offer in order to help you build your business, and keep your equipment moving and generating revenue.


In order for us to act as your agent we will require the following proof:

  • Registration as a Pty Ltd Business
  • WorkCover
  • Insurances (both marine and goods in transit)
  • Vehicle registration

We also offer you the extra services as your agent:

  • Express 14 day end of fortnight payments (Admin)
  • Help in meeting industry standards in regards to OH&S and other requirements
  • Introduction do discounted services (Accountants, Insurance Agents, etc.)
  • A lock-up service when you need freight moved with your own clients

As we are an Agency, you are not tied to accepting any freight cartage offered to you by The Kwickaz Group, due to the fact your business employs us, rather than the other way around. You can invoice us for cartage preformed on a 30 day EOM basis, or elect to opt for the 14 Day EOF RCTI format, the choice is yours.

Are you a Pty Ltd Company?

For access to any of our online booking portals, please contact your company representative for access.

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