Dangerous Goods Policy

Purpose of the policy

The Kwickaz Group is committed to providing a safe and secure service to our clients in transporting and handling of their products classified as dangerous goods and to provide for the safety of all employees, Sub-Contractors, Agents, the community and the environment.

The Kwickaz Group shall achieve this objective by:

  • Ensuring all legislation concerning dangerous goods is administered to the most stringent level and that all licenses and permits are in place for any equipment involved
  • Supplying services only to clients who themselves recognize and operate to the guidelines of all dangerous goods legislation
  • Ensuring all employees, Sub-Contractors and Agents involved in the handling and transporting of dangerous goods are provided with relevant information and that they have safety equipment to minimalize the risks associated with products handled
  • Ensuring all Sub-Contractors and Agents are audited by The Kwickaz Group prior to transport arrangements involving dangerous goods. Ongoing checks are to continue prior to each loading by the business concerned, to ensure full compliance with dangerous goods legislation.
  • Having documented procedures and systems in place to cover all aspects of our operations involving dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods under the classification of:

  • Class 1 Explosives
  • Class 6 Division 6.2 Infectious Substances
  • Class 7 Radioactive Material
  • Products listed as Security Sensitive Dangerous Substances

The Kwickaz Group shall not handle products referenced in the ADG Code as "Too Dangerous to be transported".

All consignments shall be checked for total compliance prior to acceptance of goods.

Consignments for casual one off senders shall be checked for total compliance prior to acceptance of goods.

The operation and procedures involving Dangerous Goods shall at all times be undertaken in a manner that is consistent with The Kwickaz Groups commitment to Quality, Continuous Service Improvement, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.

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